By Matt Montgomery, Managing Editor, Bethany Tribune
Bethany’s legislative representative, Oklahoma State Rep. Tammy West, pictured holding a plaque, was presented the Oklahoma Higher Education Distinguished Service Award by Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Chancellor Glen D. Johnson, PhD, also pictured holding the plaque, Friday morning at First Bethany Bank and Trust and presented by the Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.

West was elected to serve in the Oklahoma House of Representatives this year and previously served on the Putnam City Public Schools Board of Education.

Johnson said the award is normally presented to more senior members of the legislature, however, he said it is a greater honor to have presented the award to West because of “her impact on the activities happening at the State Capitol.” The criteria for the award is meant for someone who stands up for higher education and goes above and beyond the call.
“She has certainly done this in several areas,” Chancellor Johnson said. “This is the most important award we can present as a system.”

He said West has been instrumental in introducing legislation to help raise the income limit within the criteria for “Oklahoma’s Promise,” considered one of the best college scholarship programs in the nation by Oklahoma’s higher ed peers.

Also pictured is Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jill McCartney, far left; First Bethany Bank and Trust CEO and President Priscilla Cude, pictured right of West; Bethany Mayor KP Westmoreland, far right, and Ward II Bethany City Councilman Steve Palmer, second from right.